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Aykasa makes beautiful and colourful folding crates that will fit perfectly in any home. Aykasa folding crates are designed for home organising and storage. You can stack, store, mix colours and sizes with folding crates from Aykasa.

Aykasa plastic boxes in lots of colours

Aykasa is probably the most practical storage box you can imagine. We have many names for the things we love. Some call them plastic stacking boxes, folding boxes or foldable boxes. Regardless of the name, it’s great that they can be folded up so that they take up as little space as possible when not in use.
You will find Aykasa in the following colours: baby pink, yellow, melon, olive, dark green, black, grey, warm taupe, brown, banana, coconut milk, khaki, navy, baby blue and milk tea. They look super stylish and can be mixed and match depending on your mood and the time of year.

Find folding boxes from Aykasa in different sizes to go wherever you need them in your home and for whatever storage needs there may be. Find Aykasa maxi, midi and mini - meaning, large, medium and small. You will find all sizes in beautiful colours that can be mixed and matched according to taste and needs. For example, you could store paint and brushes in a blue mini box and cars and machines in a green maxi folding box from Aykasa and create order in the kids’ room. You can also choose all the Aykasa folding boxes in the same colour to create a simple and calm atmosphere on the shelves. You could also use Aykasa boxes for storing cleaning products in the utility room or food in the kitchen. Your imagination’s the limit! 


Aykasa storage that can be used for everything

Aykasa is approved for food storage. Your mind’s the limit when it comes to what you can store in your folding boxes. The smart folding box is just designed to solve all kinds of storage needs in everyday life. The simple minimalist design is the epitome of Scandinavian interiors. Use the folding boxes for toys, books, magazines, teddy bears and stuffed animals or perhaps to sort various clutter and small things that may be around your home. Yes, even dad can benefit from the storage for his workshop or shed, and mum can use them to keep order in closets and drawers.


Aykasa folding boxes on special offers

You might be lucky enough to find discontinued colours from Aykasa on sale. Otherwise, the folding boxes are cheap when you take quality and durability into account.



We ship worldwide from Denmark, and will pack and ship your Aykasa folding boxes within 2 working days. Worldwide shipping from Denmark The Aykasa boxes are lightweight so can easily be carried with you.

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